In this age of conformity, seriousness and blending in with the crowd, TAYE is breath of fresh air for fun-loving, colorful, expressive and not afraid to stand out of the crowd people. With our colorful clothes and unique patterns inspired by African prints combined with attention to detail style you are guaranteed to stand out.

Having lived in Poland for over 5 years and seeing little or no colors on the street, we are determined not only to design clothes that are expressive, colorful and fun, but to inspire men and women to the BE PROUD, STAND OUT, embrace the playful inner child.

After attending different trade and fashion shows and talking to several women who mentioned their fear of colors, lack of knowledge on how to combine the colors and non-availability of place to buy well-made ready to wear or bespoke prints gave rise to TAYE. TAYE, as a brand, started out of need to meet and satisfy the expectations of a market segment, bring colors in classical style to the street of Poland and eventually to Europe. With the vision to become the one stop shop where you can get your unique prints.

Welcome to TAYE. A clothing company based in Warsaw, Poland. We design ready to wear and bespoke women and menswear mainly using African prints, our careful value proposition inspired by availing ourselves the beauty and blend presented by the unique designs and color combinations of these prints, which we mix and match, creatively, to make daring outfits that make you stand out and not limited to the crowd of blacks, greys and navy blues colors.

At TAYE, we are pushing the boundaries of conformity in colors, prints and styles without compromising on quality, all at affordable prices. Our mission is to inspire men and women to be proud and Stand out.


I don’t know about you, but combining colors, mixing and matching my outfit is the highlight of my day ;), daring to stand out from the crowd of blacks, grey and navy blues. Why? because I understand that “the way you dress is the way you are addressed” plus “if you look good, you feel good” J.

My name is Tai Adebesin from the culturally rich city of Lagos in Nigeria. I grew up among five strong, confident and beautiful sisters and mum, who worked as designer in Lagos, Nigeria. My indifferent attitude towards fashion turned to curiosity and later became a passion, having spent a lot of time with my mum who worked from home.

TAYE-taiwo-adebesin-africanprints-colors-standout-beproudBesides, having sisters every morning asks, “How do I look?” before leaving home further ignited my passion for fashion, self-image and color combination. These inspired me to learn cloth making and starting a business in tie and dye clothes in Nigeria, developing and honing my skill sets in the art of color combination and how colors impact us.

On arrival to Warsaw in 2007 from Lagos, Nigeria, the first thing I noticed was the varying differences in styles of clothes and how colors are combined. I thought could this be because of the weather, lifestyle or culture, hmmmm…? Warsaw is relatively developed in fashion yet the element of colors and color combination has not fully gained its root.

However, I proceeded to complete my studies in Management and Economics while learning the Polish culture, Polish fashion scene and developing my skills.

Seeing the excitement in the eyes of women and men wearing my clothes for the first time and especially inspiring people to stand out wearing colorful prints gives me nothing but joy and a constant reminder of why I am doing this.

Let your outfit speak for you and have fun while at it ;).


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