I just bought my dress and it’s a bit stiff. Will it soften over time?

Why are my African prints fabrics stiff?

I have gotten several questions from our clients (Taye) and non-clients regarding the stiffness of African prints fabrics and how to care for these beautiful, vibrant and colorful fabric? Below are quick answers these questions:


I just bought my dress and it’s a bit stiff.  Will it soften over time?

Yes! Our clothes are made of African wax print fabric. When we buy the fabric, it often has a waxy outer-coating. This wax makes the fabric stiff and takes a few washes to soften up. Majority of our clothes are pre-washed, but after a few wears and washes at home, your dress, skirts, shorts, jackets and trousers will feel much softer and hang more naturally.

How do I care for my African print fabric?

You can pre-wash before using. You can machine wash at 30°- 40° many times but do not soak, and use non-chlorine bleach, low tumble dry, and cool iron.

Watch out for our next blog! On details of how African print fabrics are made and how to care for them.

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In the meantime – BE PROUD. STAND OUT.

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